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hello to you all...


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how did you know my name? :lol: 8)


seeing as i was a little bit stingy with the first post ill tell you a bit...


likes...guitar, coldplay, travis (wooo), idlewild, electric soft parade, leaves, sweden, the office, doves...and so on :P


how quickly does this place move? ive been on forums where it takes days to get a reply and others where the topic disappears to the bottom instantly...

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Newbie part 2


Hello everyone!


:newbie: (part 2)


I was going to start my own hello, newbie, welcome topic but i decided to gatecrash atickingclock's instead :)


Im female, real name is Laura, i love all things pink, Idlewild, doves, Coldplay(of course), Travis, The Electric Soft Parade, The Flaming Lips mmmmmmmmm, The Vines, The Libertines, The Music, The Coral *gets bored of writing "The"*


I hope to be sticking around :-D , if you are all nice to me that is!

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