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hello to you all...


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;) dont worry ada

your not the only one late.


welcome to the board ian and laura. i like your avatar...and that's to the both of you.


:D yay more men...


aww i want our other male to come back...lmao...i miss him. *misses simon* :cry:

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:D Hello and Welcome to everyone new! There are quite a few new people since I was last here - the more the merrier!!! 8) :alcoholic: This is me now - alcoholic - I drank too much and now I have the shakes and can't type properly because I am going cold turkey!!! :-o

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cold turkey, see the cold turkey *points and laughs*


hi people, i'm bethany, as you may have realised from the user name.


you think the electric soft parade forum is bad? try the eminem one. all they do is swear and take the rip outta each other. it gets annoying after a while.

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oi! who you calling a tart? :D




and i have a big posting session planned tonight so hold on to your hats folks!!!


i missed you all! (even Ian! :D )


catch ya'll l8rz!


and welcome to all the new people! welcome to the happy place! :-D



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Yeah, there are some really cool people on here! :D What are you doing at uni. I wanted to go but was too thick when I left school and am now stuck as a secretary..... 8) I thought I would be able to get a brill job when I was a young un all those billions of years ago....I have just been thinking about it lately cos my cousin has just become an Assistant Criminal Psychologist and I think thats pretty excellent!!!! and has got me thinking.... 8)

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i study computer engineer and webdesign! im in my first year! and i think its getting pretty boring hehe! but i love computer! nope im not a computer nerd hehehe! so yeah i love to build websites! made one of Guy berrymans and im making one about coldplay and gonna put a forum on that 2..when its done ill let ya know and ya guys can join in hehe! how old are ya tracy??

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