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No More Countdown! Baby B was born 8/11/09! (and now Baby J, 29/9/12)

Guest LiquidSky

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I thought Lore was saying strawberryswinger was scary for "knowing" Ian's last name. Now that I go back and read it, I see she labled herself a stalker. *ho hum* Perhaps I should've said I didn't want to be labeled as "scary." :D


I'm not a stalker they're my friends on facebook, I was talking to strawberryswinger anyway!

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Guest LiquidSky

well who knows if it'll come around that time.. or sooner or later..:thinking:


oohhh surprise, surprise!:sneaky:

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Congrats to Ian and Jen with the forthcoming baby! :nice: :dance:


I too think that story about those to meeting would be exciting to read..

I will also sit down and wait for that story :D


*Grabs popcorn and soda (and only that Julie and Crests of daylight!)*

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