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How many of you actually like Coldplay?


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Heh... I knew exactly what I wanted to say but I was still too chicken to say it.


"That album you just signed completely changed my life."


But how do you say something like that without choking up or sounding like you're exaggerating?


Yeah, this is true. But how many times in your life do you get to meet someone you truly admire? I remember when Chris said in an interview he met his idol (can't think of who it is now) but the person told him you should always tell someone when you admire them because if you feel that way you should let them know. I think if they are gracious people then they will get just as much out of hearing it as you would get out of telling them that. That has stuck with me, so if I ever got the shot I would tell him and/or the rest of the band that. None the less you got to meet someone you admire and that's just great!

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Heh... you try thinking that clearly when you're that starstruck. Even with a Brit around I ended up on that great Canadian standby- the weather. :thinking:


Anyway... 3am... bedtime. :sleeping:


haha that's true. i've met a bunch of famous people, but no one i truly admired so maybe that's why....anyways good night!!!

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Or it's only the beginning...


I'm coming at it like a writer, but when I started to figure that stuff out was when I finally started to figure out how to make characters more than cardboard cutouts. It's done wonders for my imagination. Maybe you just need a different subject?


Really? Cool :)

Maybe I just have to grow up a little, I am also a little pessimist, so that might have a ton to do with it :p

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Yeah...I'm feeling like the shine's wearing off (LOST!) and I'm getting past my starstruck phase. I'm starting to see the mistakes Coldplay makes along with the good, and that's a good thing. We can't idolize people and put them on pedastals because they're not perfect. It's better to understand them because we wouldn't believe in an illusion, you know?

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I love Coldplay. And when I say that, I mean, I love their music and I love what they do for music as a whole. I'm a musician, so I have incredible respect for what they have achieved inside their industry. I respect them as performers and musicians and watching their interviews, they come off as grounded, real people. If you watch interviews given by these huge, mega popstars....well, they all seem contrite to me, but the band members of Coldplay seem very down to earth.

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I love them, I do. But right now... I can't listen to them. I don't want to. I don't think I'll do so for maybe months. But, I still love them, very much so.

I'm sad to admit it, but it's true... Listening to other bands and sometimes one of their songs, but I know I'll go crazy again for the next album :dance:

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