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How many of you actually like Coldplay?


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I mean, like everything about them.


I can honestly say, I don't. (Most likely because I don't know anyt personal things about them) But I mean, some people say they love them, but you don't really know them. I don't even know where I am going with this. I don't even know what I mean.


Does anyone understand? :thinking:


I think I have finally lost it....

oh my word....

I am losing my fan-girlism :disappointed:

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I with The Escapist on this...with some bands, you just like their music and that is about it. But, that is not the case with Coldplay. Coldplay has that special something that makes you love them no matter what. Not all bands have that quality and the bands that do are something special.

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i love them but there are some things that i could criticise.

i mean, no band is absolutely perfect and you could even love coldplay for the music and not for their members.

then you can love only the members - and you can love everything about them.

i do the last thing - in a critical way.

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i still listen them, not as much as i used to.

in that time i just checked their music, if i happened to know anything else is not something i seeked for.


they've been there for a decade, done 4 studio albums, as i've said many times, musically you can choose the album you like most or them all, they have evolved, and surely their believes and acts have changed too, don't we all change constantly?


i have to say that may be due to the stalking they have suffered i'm a bit so strict about it in the last times, they deserve a normal life as everyone else, so as i've said first: i've checked them for their music, i don't care much about other stuff, may be about their politics, but that is a thing that is entitled to everyone personally, although generally i don't like much people to claim their politics too openly, i like to be respectful with other views too, but that's not the reason that made me get into their works.

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I love them. And not just about their music, sure, I don't know them personally. But if I see interviews and things, they look like lovely people.


And they're not arrogant.


And that's why I love this band. They're freakin' awesome.

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Like Bryce, with Coldplay it's not just the music that I love (minus few sucky VLVODAAHF songs)

I love the clean image that these guys have with them, I love the things that they believe in, I love how nice they are to others, I love their purpose of making music, I love how humble they are despite of the fame they get and I love how motivated they are.

Musically, many other musicians produce much better music than Coldplay.

But when looking from many other different perspectives, to me Coldplay is one of the few bands that really stands out from the rest.

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