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Beirut rock festival 2009


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I've heard about it and look what i found on facebook:

"a dangerous event is coming to town, the beirut "rock dance" festival on the 11th, 13th and 14th of november 2009


no doubt we all love and like music, however, during this event, some gothic groups will work on spreading their culture (the culture of death) and will diffuse dark black thoughts exposed by Anathema and To/"Dye"/For..


there is a danger that drugs are going to b spread and distributed (ecstasy and hash).

in addition, the greatest possible danger resides in the performance of satanic rituals and practices.


on the event flier was written: "no cameras or photography allowed"

why? isn't it by fear of having witnesses on what's going on?


based on this, we ask parents to ban their children from assisting to this event to keep them safe and protect them"


too much ignorance in this country(http://www.facebook.com/index.php?lh=bfa56149a8059a8cbcdf041fbe611c4c/photo.php?pid=9685564&op=1&o=global&view=global&subj=175178454579&id=627055466)





anw the one who wrote that is stupid I wanted to go but don't have time so...:cry:

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don't believe what it said, whoever wrote that knows nothing about rock music or is still living in 1960s, my friends attended the first night with Peter Murphy and Agua De Annique and they said it was amazing, security was tight and no, no one took drugs, this is silly and as you can see this was started by some retards:veryangry2::veryangry2: the fliers i think were distributed in some conservative schools both Christian and muslims

just don't believe them :angry:

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Sounds reminiscent of my youth, when some of the best and brightest students were taken to a camp to be "warned" by a zealot preacher about the negative, satanic "subliminal" messages in, of all things, the Beatles music! :laugh3: Totally ridiculous, and I can definitely relate.

(All it did was make us want to rebel even more :P)

Freedom is worth rockin' for - all those zealots want is to clamp down and control people.;)


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To all Anathema lovers and fans, who have waited for all these years, now is your chance to see them LIVE at the Forum De Beirut, Lebanon.

Anathema will be playing on the 14th of November, along with the Finnish gothic band To Die For, and two of the biggest Metal bands in Lebanon, TristMoon and Weeping Willow..



Nov.11: Peter Murphy (BAUHAUS) &

Agua de Annique (the GATHERING)

Nov 13: Yann Tiersen &

Eileen Khatchadourian

Nov.14: ANATHEMA &

To/Die/For &

Tristmoon &

Weeping Willow

at the Forum de Beyrouth



Tickets on sale at all Virgin Megastore branches:


Day 1 $30 standing & $60 Seated

Day 2 $30 & $50 standing, $50 Seated & $70 Seated

Day 3 $35 standing & $50 Seated


→ Special 3 days festival pass for $70 standing & $100 Seated

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