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What's the weather like today in your town?

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Rainy before noon, then cloudy with glimpses of blue sky. Temps around 12 degrees C. For the next days is forecast cloudy, some rain and temps around 15 degrees C. If lucky up to 17 degrees Monday next week.

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Today has been sunny with temps up to 21-22 degrees C. :sunny: :thumbsup:


Tomorrow - Thursday - should be warm and sunny as well. :sunny: :thumbsup:


Friday is holiday in Denmark, and temps should fall! Temps should be around 10-11 degrees C. Week-end cloudy with a little rain and temps around 11 - maybe 13 max. :thumbsdown:

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It's a nice day, warm, sunny after a cloudy morning, then thunderstorms with hail possible later in the afternoon / evening. Good growing weather for the garden, hope it stays warm for a while here!:sunny:


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Different compared to yesterday's 21 degrees Celsius and sunny all day.


Today: Cloudy and temps up to 15 degrees C - a few rain showers and windy inbetween.

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