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The Scientist(played hendrix style)


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lol the chord embelishments, the soloing, idk how is not hendrix, you tell me...you want me to post pictures of my bloody fingers....ummm I still have some scabs if you want proof.....I just thought the transition from Message in a Botte to the Scientist sounded interesting

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well done :)


i hope your fingers have healed... but it worth it, didnt it?


thanks everyone, and I really liked your cover Vincymon....and yeh it was very much worth it, I really wanted to stop cause my fingers were hurting sooo bad at this point but I was in the zone and I wasnt going to stop untill I had something I was at least somewhat happy with, I must have taken 25 full takes over 2 days plus not to mention all the takes I screwed up, I dyed parts of my strings red haha

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I'm not a Czech.

That is a Philippine flag :wtf:


ehh oops:embarassed: didnt see the star, they are remarkably similar sorry


and yeh I guess its more John Mayer, I guess i hope it is just me and not an easy to define sound, but you did make that post 3 mins after my OP so you couldnt have possibly heard the whole thing, just saying

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