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I lost my phone :(


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Guest LiquidSky
I lost my sidekick and i was wondering if i choose not to buy a new phone would my contract still go on until the two years are up or does it just end?


I was about to ban you!*woops!




Anyway, but to answer your question; it would go on until the 2 yrs are up. So either you use it or not..they still charge you

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Guest LiquidSky
You could end your contract, but they would charge you a fee. Personally, I would rather pay a fee then many months of bills for something I don't use.


yeah but you have to call them & let them know if you are going to end the contract and also to deactivate your phone so other people don't make phone calls. If I were you, I would record the conversation of the call because they are going to try and rip you off by saying that you never told them that you were canceling the contract (argh!!!*gets abit upset*) or you could just get a new phone.

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