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Do you like jude law?


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Ooh yes, I love Jude Law. And though I've loved him for ages I only discovered he really could act two weeks ago when I saw Dr. Parnassus. Although I haven't seen Cold Mountain yet, but I think he's good in it.


He's AMAZING in Cold Mountain! :D


OMG! That video! Jude was so like he is today, even in the way he speaks :awesome: Andre Agassi was SOOOO cute!!! XD

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i like him but i think he thinks he is Hugh GRant which he is not, but he is a good actor


LOL Hugh Grant is an annoying poof in my opinion, at least Jude Law is tolerable. Although a cheating bastard, I can see why they fall for him.


The Holiday is a simple chick flick, although the premise is "cute", it does suck. Plz use non-chick flick example for non-chick flick types.

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