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The Lounge doesn't have enough morons


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The lounge does not have enough morons.


I mean I go into the Coldplay section and see the dumbest threads.

But the said thing is people are serious.


For example asking if the next Coldplay album will be as influenced by the Arcade Fire as Viva was. Seriously? I could see one of the smartasses from here making a thread of that hilarity, but would know it was made out of boredum or was purely sarcastic or was simply trying to get a raise out of everyone (yes that raise).


But in the Coldplay section people honestly want to know how to make Chris Martin's jacket or where to buy Jonny's hat.


Or I can make a stupid thread, obviously taking the piss, about hearing a coldplay song at mcdonalds. And what do people do? They go and tell me every song they have ever heard in a public place? And they're serious!


This place cracks me up.


Make me laugh with your wit and smiley faces.

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