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Rhyme and find a word that next rhyme should be about


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Smelly cat is just my favorite song, and I mean it, it's true

It will lift my mood up whenever I'm feeling down and blue

.. Oh, well, to be honest then it is not my favorite one

.. but it do makes me smile, so downmood thoughts are gone



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When I hear "butterflies"I always think about September

It was in Wembley Stadium, I can remember

Coldplay sung "Lovers in Japan", a greatsong

The music, the crowd, everything was strong

And I was looking up at the sky to realize

It was raining some butterflies


It was one of my favourite memory of this show

When the butterflies were falling down like snow

Sometimes I imagine them, flying so high

And I would like to be a butterfly



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I'm sitting here in Europe, but there is no shining and warming sun

It is winthertime in Europe and sunshine and the warmth is gone

I'm sitting here in my room, but there is no sunshine or daylight

It is nighttime here in Europe, and we only got the bulb's light sight



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Your little piece of heaven falls appart

Your life is empty like your heart

It's a moonless night, cold and dark

You're still waiting for a little spark


A spark to change your life

A spark to feel alive



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Swallowed in the sea is a song from X&Y

a dramatic title of a song I don't know - why?


Because I am mostly listening to VH1

which plays all the Coldplay singles - that's real fun


but meaning I only really know these few songs

but I like them - finding them really strong


Do I like "Swallowed in the sea"?

I really don't know - but maybe!




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The scientist is working in his laboritorium

He is exploring science to the maximum

What is this? and what is that?, what do we see in space?

He keeps being in his laboritorium, that is his place


Weird man, weird story :lol:


"Strawberry swing"

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"Strawberry swing"


I remember when I imagined the Strawberry swing video

When it didn't exist yet, that was fun so

Imagine the band, sitting on big strawberries and singing

When I think about it, I can't stop smiling :lol:



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A little rhyme about spies

well-known for telling lies


that is part of their job

finding out secrets non-stop


finding out what is the criminal's plot

it's a game of life or death is it not?



I wonder how the spies' story ends!




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"With a little help from my friends" is a lovely Beatles song

the melody of which I find really very strong


the person in that song gets along with a little help from his friends

I really love the way in which that song, that melody ends


The song contains a strong message of helping each other

because after all we are each other's sister or brother



Sisters and brothers

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Adolf Hitler


Adolf Hitler was an Austrian who gained power

in Germany and created one of the world's darkest hours


To get rid of him and his dark ideology

the world experienced the second world war

one of the worst wars the world ever saw

that war is now part of world history



Let's try another known world figure, but A GOOD GUY (imo) this time! :)



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Goodbye dusk, the morning shines,

Follows the earths internal lines,

The field beneath that beauty lies,

From dusty path to starry skies.


The summer star causes a haze,

The world awakes, the music plays

Darkness gone, lost too soon,

Wave goodbye to the man on the moon.



Errm... GOATS

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