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Build Your Robot!


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No, this isnt a link to some sort of online javascript. This is real life.


Would you build a robot that does exactly what you tell it to, or build one which can learn things by themselves?


On the one hand, if you have a robot who just does what you want it to, it would get all the housework done, but it would be incredibly boring. The plus point is that it wouldn't start destroying you to pieces.


And on the other, is a robot who can develop personality, be funny, hell, even a friend! But they'd probably get lazy, and start doing what people do, making up excuses out of doing work. Also theres a firm chance they'd realise they are superior to you and start destroying you to little bits.


Personally, I wouldnt build a damn robot, robots freak me out worse then clowns :wreck:

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I would make him only to be able to do certain tasks,

i wouldn't want to give him to ability to learn, he could get somewhat powerful and leave me ( possibly go on to become taoiseach or president :P i don't know )

I'd make him be able to transport me anywhere in only a few moments

when i gave him a high5 possibly ?


or maybe this...

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GzzOw2tmb3A]YouTube- Cheesoid (Full) - Mitchell and Webb[/ame]


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