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Laser Coldplay NEXT SHOWS Jan. 15 and 29 at RVCC Planetarium, New Jersey (discount for Coldplayers)


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At last month's show a few people came who did read this forum (whether they were members or not) and chose not to use the discount or mention it when they bought tickets.

However, we really like to know what publicity works or works better. So please DO mention this forum's posting and get $1 off the ticket. Some people choose to print it out, others just mention it when making reservations. Either way is fine.

I've also been known to give shout outs to forums if I know there's a good turnout. :)

For those that didn't read the beginning, here's the details:

Laser Coldplay at The Planetarium at Raritan Valley Community College

Sat. Feb. 13 at 8 pm (latecomers not admitted, so plan to arrive at least 15 mins before show.)

Tickets: $6/person*

Details/directions: http://www.raritanval.edu/planetarium

Reservations can be made at: (908)231-8805

*Mention this posting on the Coldplaying forum and get $1 off ticket price.

(Not to be combined with other offers.)

Visit the website to find out about other sky and laser shows currently showing.



Laserist at RVCC Planetarium

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title of thread changed to reflect new show :)


Thanks busybeeburns!

I already heard there's quite a few reservations for the show. Seating is limited to 100, so if anyone is planning on coming, get those reservations in!



Laserist at RVCC Planetarium

Just added another song to "Laser Coldplay" for the 2/13/10 show.

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Headed home to LI now, we had a great time at the show! My brother's telling us how he's going to point out the constellations and asterisms next time we're away from the city, so we all learned something new. We heard (and sang to):


What If



For You

Brothers and Sisters



White Shadows

And probably a few more :-D.


My littlest brother loves to sing LiTii, and the middle one was the one hooting and hollering the whole time :-P. Thanks for a fun night in the Garden State!


Jeff & Co.

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Haha the "probably a few more" was Bill doing a few more songs than he had planned and me not exactly remembering it all from the car on the way home :D. I know they also played Speed of Sound and Clocks (plus, as we were walking in, Clocks Instrumental). We went to both the Winter Star Show and Laser Coldplay and altogether maybe a little under two hours :D?

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Greetings Coldplayers!

Just a quick reminder that this Saturday is the FINAL showing of "Laser Coldplay" at RVCC Planetarium!

I've already posted the details previously, so just scroll up or go back a few pages to get links, phone numbers, etc... to make reservations.

We don't have the Coldplay laser show scheduled for the spring 2010 season, but some songs might appear in "Laser Picks" - which is a variety show that changes each month.

The schedule hasn't been set for summer, but more than likely Coldplay won't be in the lineup. (There's some new ideas for shows being considered for summer.)

Anyway, like the last shows, I can extend a $1 off tickets to members of this forum who mention it when making reservations. :D

(Not to be combined with other offers or ticket discounts.)


No one else will know about this - so you guys get an "exclusive". There will be a "remix surprise" in the show. SSHH! Don't tell!



RVCC Planetarium Laserist


PS - Thanks again to Busybeeburns for updating the thread title. Much appreciated!

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Another quick update. :)

I installed some new equipment in the planetarium for the laser show today. If all goes as planned, the Coldplay laser show on 3/13 should be really nice.

We had a staff preview of the remixed part of a song I just added and it went really well. You guys coming should enjoy it. :D

As a side note, if you're so inclined, there is an RVCC Planetarium Laser Show fan page on facebook. Feel free to join and find out about new shows and songs being worked on. (Just search for 'rvcc planetarium laser shows'.)


Before anyone asks, the show is inside the planetarium - so no need to worry about the rainy weather we're expecting outside. ;)


Don't forget - mention this forum posting when making reservations and get $1 off the Coldplay laser show admission! (Not to be combined with other offers or multiple show discounts.)



RVCC Planetarium Laserist

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Another quick update...with some good news! :D


"Laser Coldplay" will make another appearance at the RVCC Planetarium this summer!

We're running a bunch of shows ONCE on Friday evenings at 8:30 pm.

"Laser Coldplay" is now on the schedule for Friday, July 16, 2010 at 8:30 pm following the 7:30 sky show.

Note that this is the ONLY date this summer. So if you missed it during the winter, you have another chance this summer. :)

This forum is getting the FIRST mention of this, it's not even on the RVCC Planetarium website or on any publicity yet.

As previously mentioned, forum members get a $1 discount if you make reservations and mention this forum posting. (Not to be combined with any other offers or multiple show discounts.)


See ya this summer!


-Bill.. RVCC Planetarium Laserist

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Tonight's the night (Fri. 7/16/10)! At least for this summer.

"Laser Coldplay" returns to the RVCC Planetarium dome at 8:30 pm.

This is the ONLY showing this summer. The show is not scheduled for the fall season.

If anyone from the forum is coming, please make reservations and mention this forum's posting so you get $1 off tickets. (Not to be combined with other offers or discounts.)

http://www.raritanval.edu/planetarium for details, directions, phone numbers...bla bla bla..



RVCC Planetarium Laserist

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Greetings Coldplayers!

Happy New Year!

Guess what? We're running "Laser Coldplay" again this winter - this month! (January 2011)

So if you missed it...the dates are Saturdays - Jan. 15 and 29 at 8 pm!

Come warm up this winter to Laser Coldplay!

If you saw it before, I've added MORE lasers! We've also tweaked the planetarium sound system and did a few other enhancements. So come again!

FYI - this show is not scheduled for the rest of the winter or spring, so these shows are it! The summer hasn't been decided, but we're planning on some new shows - so these shows could be it for a while.


I can again pass along a $1 discount to Coldplay forum members! :D

Please mention the Coldplay forum posting when you MAKE RESERVATIONS to get the discount. (Not to be combined with other offers or coupons.)

The info link to the planetarium is the same...but here ya go..

For details - http://www.raritanval.edu/planetarium or you can call (908)231-8805.

Shows begin promptly and latecomers are not admitted.

There's also a Facebook fan page for laser shows. Just search "RVCC Planetarium laser shows".





Planetarium Laserist at RVCC Planetarium

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