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20th anniversary Simpsons episode?


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i dont know. i have no idea when its going to be aired in the netherlands, and where on tv?! well at least we have internet to watch the episode :P


Yeah, I guess the Netherlands are still some seasons behind. But as with almost anything, I watch it on the internet anyways.

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I just looked ahead on the TV listings, and found the following description for the episode. :awesome: Well, we pretty much knew this much anyway, but seeing it in the listings makes it more "official":


"Million Dollar Maybe"

Homer buys a lottery ticket that's a million-dollar winner, but he has to miss his date with Marge to do it. Chris Martin of Coldplay has a voice cameo as himself.

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I think it's the eleventh episode in the season

and the season started on skyone last thursday.


so 9 thursdays from this one?



^ This. There's a bit of a wait yet. :(


I'm excited to hear what Chris's lines will actually be. I'm pretty sure they'll be something funny. :D Just a pity they couldn't feature Will Jonny and Guy too! They're not a one man band afterall. :P

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