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wow! I like st patricks day, but I dont get drunk :\


my friends and I are expecting to drink green beer next month. we celebrate it in a park, and it´s too funny. I love celtic dance, and bagpipes, and everything :nice:


anyway, happy st patricks day

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If an American couple moves to China and conceives a baby, is the baby American or Chinese?


Nationality and heritage are two different things.




That's completely incomparable though, it's like me being proud of my no doubt Viking heritage. Since down the line somewhere I am sure I have a viking ancestor, but it would be fucking ludicrous to say I was at least part-Viking.

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There high king from Ireland who made attacks and raids on villages and towns in other countries. He raid a village in what would now be Wales and kidnapped a teenager and used him as slave labour up in the hills looking after sheep.


He escaped and went on a ship to France.

he studied to become a priest and was ordained.

He then had visions and dreams of us Irish people calling out to become catholic

and he came back and thought us the ways of god.





and that's about it i guess.

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