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Do you write "MakeTradeFair.com" on your hand?

Don't Panic

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i dont because i dont go with the maketradefair organization. i dont get updates and i dont really go to the site much so if i were to and people asked what it was i would not have a good definiton as to what it was. so if someone asked. i would be a poser. so i agree with ian's first *i think* post in this thread, if you truly know what your beliving in go for it. but i wouldnt. and i dont.

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Guest LiquidSky

Do you write "MakeTradeFair.com" on your hand?


Well I didn't write it......

I had this friend in class last year, and he always wanted to write something in my hand.... and he would ask me what to write on my hand, and so yeah, he would write maketradefair...other times he would draw smilies or something like that, sometimes it would be coldplay instead of "maketradefair" and sometimes he would write his name on my hand...... :rolleyes: :stunned: :D :P

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as at my new school everybody has sth written or just clamped on their bags, i decided to sew a mtf sign on mine aswell.. and it works surprisingly good!

ppl really notice it and ask what it is about...

well, about supporting the campaign: i know what you /ian mean.. and for me it is even more difficult to support fair trade by buying, as my parents still provide me with everything i need!

but i persuaded them of drinking fair trade coffee sometimes ...

when i at last can move out and have my own life.. i sure will try to buy as much fair trade products as possible, although it's still not easy to find them..

at the moment i try to do my best working with oxfam..


and i wanted to add that it's sad that so many ppl don't care about fair trade even if they have heard of it :confused:

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