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Now even the squirrels are getting "obese"!


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The name's 'Squirrel Munchkin': He's so chubby that he even struggles to reach his food



By Mail Foreign Service

Last updated at 11:57 AM on 24th February 2010



Clinging on for dear life, this super-sized squirrel attempts to steal nuts from a bird feeder.


But, because of his extra pounds, he plummets to the ground unfed.


The rotund rodent spends hours every day attempting to conquer a back garden obstacle course, but to no avail – because he’s too fat, barely able to balance on a branch.



Rotund: The squirrel hunts hopefully for nuts on the floor before heaving himself up to the suspended food

Even when he manages to get a nibble, his hulking frame means he can’t hold on for long enough to enjoy a good feed.


James Phelps, who set up the feeders in his back garden in Michigan, U.S., said: ‘They get a lot of food around here - they are very fat indeed.






‘They struggle to get on the feeders and stay there while they eat - it's pretty funny to watch.


Enlarge article-1253180-086D3659000005DC-137_306x423.jpg

Enlarge article-1253180-086D355A000005DC-657_306x423.jpg


Nuts to this: The chunky rodent climbed up a bird feeder to reach a tasty prize, then it appeared to lose its grip



‘This one just tried to scramble up but couldn't get a good grip on the wire and fell off pretty hard.


‘But they're very determined and would never let it beat them.’


Phelps, a 50-year-old father of two, added the fox squirrels, which usually weigh up to 2.2lbs, are ‘incredibly friendly’.


‘Once in a while I like to change where I hang the feeders to make them work a little harder for their dinner,’ he said.


‘Sometimes it will take them a day or so to figure it out, but they always get there in the end.’


The fox is the largest squirrel native to America measuring up to 27 inches long.



They survive on a diet of tree seeds as well as buds, fruits, cultivated grain, insects, birds' eggs, lizards and small snakes.



How do I get back down? After eating its fill, the greedy squirrel appeared stumped on how to get back down to terra firma

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1253180/Is-worlds-fattest-squirrel-Super-sized-rodent-fails-bid-steal-nuts-extra-pounds.html#ixzz0gTDEIENW

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