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A third of children believe 'gangs and knives' are biggest threat to their safety


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A third of children believe 'gangs and knives' are biggest threat to their safety



By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 2:20 PM on 25th February 2010




article-1253732-06649F130000044D-983_233x675.jpg Fear: A third of children see gangs and knives as the biggest threat to their safety


One third of children believe gangs and knife crime are the biggest threat to their safety, according to a report published today.

The survey for the Department for Children, Schools and Families found youngsters between 12 and 17 initially feared knives and gangs more than paedophiles, bullies and the dangers of the internet.

A quarter of the children questioned said they were most concerned about strangers and paedophiles, which rose to 36 per cent after prompting, while 16 per cent of children were most worried about bullying, a figure which more than doubled when prompted, to 35 per cent.

But when asked about gangs and knives, 34 per cent of the children immediately said it was their greatest fear - without prompting from interviewers.

Researchers for the 'Staying Safe Survey 2009: young people and parents' attitudes around accidents, bullying and safety' report found young people showed little concern about coming across inappropriate content online or internet safety (both 7 per cent), and just 6 per cent felt accidents in the home were their biggest threat.


Generally the study found most children (88 per cent) feel safe most of the time.


One third told researchers they feel safe almost all of the time, and less than 3 per cent of children say they feel safe only occasionally or less often.

The majority of parents questioned (88 per cent) said they are satisfied with their child or children's safety.

There was an equal split between those who are 'very satisfied' (42 per cent) and those who are 'quite satisfied' (42 per cent). One in ten (10 per cent) are dissatisfied with their children's safety.


The threat of strangers and paedophiles was the principle safety concern among mothers and fathers with children of all ages. When quizzed, half responded straight away that it was their biggest safety fear and this rose to two thirds after prompting.

Interviewers found the other concerns of parents are bullying (36 per cent unprompted, 61 per cent after prompting), accidents outside the home (39 per cent unprompted, 41 per cent after prompting), and inappropriate and harmful content on the internet (10 per cent unprompted but 52 per cent after prompting).







Internet safety (8 per cent unprompted, 23 per cent after prompting) and accidents inside the home (10 per cent unprompted, 21 per cent after prompting) are main concerns for only a minority of parents.

According to the survey, parents of older children and older children themselves have fewer safety concerns. However they do become concerned about drinking, smoking, drugs and sexual activity.

Researchers from Synovate interviewed 1,433 parents of children and young people aged between 0 and 17 across the UK, and 833 children and young people aged between 12 and 17.

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