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new personnn from down under!


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Hi everyone! i registered like a year ago and i've been stalking for a long time but i figured i should start posting and i'll introduce myself :) I'm caity and i'm 15, living in Perth, Australia but i moved here from St Louis Missouri a year ago, so i still have a very American accent :P i was front standing at the Coldplay concert at the Burswood Dome on Feb 27th last year and thats where my true passion for Coldplay ignited! I've been a fan for years but am now truly obsessed! :D

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laidback as in parents providing alcohol at parties :D and going to the beach like everyday!!


Eh, I prefer suburbia. But yes, the parents will provide alchy at parties because here it is legal for minors to drink on a private premises. I personally prefer soft drinks tho

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