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being completely drunk at 4 am makes me smarter.

Professor Peedston

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oh yes it does.


ah christ.


well if there's one thing i've learned tonight, it's that if you're feeling down because your relationship of the past 22 months has effectively ended, lots of alchohol does not make you feel any better.


ok it seriously took me like 5 minutes to make sure that last sentence made sense. that, combined with the fact that i fell flat on my face after trying to stop to read a poster in the hall way on the way upstairs from the bathroom, suggests that i should go to bed. but i had a lot of coffee so i don't see that happening just yet. so you all here get to see me act really pathetic and stupid.


so what's up?>

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oh dear, well I hope the hangover isnt too bad tomorrow, as for me well my hangover has kicked in nicely and not even 2 paracetamols will shift it. :rolleyes:


yeah i have no idea what a paracewhatever is (some kind of painkiller i'm assuming) but i have a feeling i'm going to be popping a few tomorrow. especially because i have to get up in less than 6 hours. ah that's going to be fun.

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because the drinks that contained all the alchohol also had coffee in them. :rolleyes: and you know, the caffeine and all...


anyway, yeah i'm sure i'll probably feel better in the morning. but i just broke up with a girl that i feel like i've spent half my life with, because she was my best friend since i was 16 or so, then my girlfriend for the last 22 months, so i'm probably going to be a very depressing person to talk to for awhile.


i apologize in advance.

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yeah, i'm sure that eventually we'll be friends again once this whole thing blows over but i just don't see her as the girl of my dreams anymore, and i think she feels the same way... i don't know, it's really complicated, and i can barely form a cohesive sentenceright now, so i'm not going to get too much into it now. r

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