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being completely drunk at 4 am makes me smarter.

Professor Peedston

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yeah, i'll be fine eventually, i realize i'm not the only person in the world who's ever broken up. in fact i've hardly shed a tear over it yet... i think i'm still in the "denial" stage.


anyway, i guess i've been through it before, so i kind of know what to expect, so after i spend a couple days crying, feeling sorry for myself, and writing several depressing songs, i'll be ok, then i'll have a rebound relationship, then i can continue life as normal.


i've got this whole thing planned out. :P

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Guest LiquidSky

This thread is funny!



I need to get drunk.... :lol:



I never been drunk in my entire life, can you believe that? :stunned: :smug:

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Hope you feel better soon Mr. Peed.


It's scary, you made more sense DRUNK then i do when i'm sober. :dozey:


i was thinking the same thing. i make endless spelling mistakes sober and he didn't make any


yeah, that's because i'm ridiculously anal about things like that. even when i'm drunk, apparently.


i do remember all of those posts taking a long time to type because of that.

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