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Does anyone think it's weird when a 40 year old man interacts with young teenage girls?


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As far as morals and values go, does anyone think it's weird that a forty-something year old man resides in a forum of predominantly teenage and young adult users?


In particular, in the real world, what would be made of such a person interacting with young teenage girls? What would their parents think? What do we as a forum, a community and as individuals think?


Do we not mind because, on the whole, this forum is faceless, with people from places large distances from each other? Is it just all a bit of fun?


Or is it slightly disturbing to think that such a person freely roams such a site talking to girls young enough to be his daughter. Is this not something which is ingrained in internet etiquette as wrong? Is it not something that parents, councils, communities, task-forces, governments, devote time, resources and money to explaining is a danger within the realms of the internet. Whether harmless or not, in open society, in the real world, would such a situation, a middle-aged man talking to random teenage girls not seem odd, creepy or disturbing?


Fundamentally, is apathy and inaction, naivety and complacency factors in the ability of such a person to continue doing what they are doing?



I'd like to hear what people think about this. Whatever you have to say on the topic would be appreciated to get an idea, a consensus on the feelings of the board.

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This thread is stupid. Everyone's just going to get pissed at each other.


I don't mind Mark, I just hate that everyone hates each other.


My dad is 40 and comes on this forum. People don't hate him.


Well if everyone hates each other, then you hate him and he hates you....


sorry, I just felt like being a complete smartass.


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I think it's weird.

But I don't think it's any worse for an adult to try to be friends with a teenage girl than it is for a 20 year old to be a complete ass to teenage girls, calling them retards, etc. Have a little integrity.



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