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Millionaire given nationwide Asbo after 'relentlessly' harassing her neighbours


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Millionaire given nationwide Asbo after 'relentlessly' harassing her neighbours



By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 5:39 PM on 8th April 2010




A magistrate has told a millionaire who was given a nationwide Asbo that he wished he could ban her from the entire planet, after hearing how she 'relentlessly' harrassed her neighbours.


Property developer Patricia Bailey, 60, has been accused of carrying out a 'relentless campaign of antisocial behaviour' against her neighbours in New Cavendish Street, Marylebone.

She today began a legal challenge to have the order lifted.



So seriously did a court view the complaints that its Antisocial Behaviour Order was unusually severe, covering the whole country and potentially Mrs Bailey’s lifetime.



Legal battle: Patricia Bailey and her husband, Peter Engen, arrive at Southwark Crown Court. She is fighting to have a nationwide Asbo against her lifted


The Westminster magistrate even said he wished he could ban her from the entire planet after hearing how she called a group of women at a charity meeting 'whores'.

But Mrs Bailey, who now lives in a St John’s Wood flat, is appealing against the ruling, insisting: 'We were the victims, but somehow they have managed to turn us into the perpetrators.'

It was not a view shared by her former neighbours, who said the court had taken the only possible action.


John Andrews, who lived next door, said: 'I had to stop having friends and family round because she would appear at the window, having walked along the communal balcony, and scream abuse.

'I let a group of women from a charity use my flat for a meeting and Mrs Bailey called them all whores. We called the police so many times it was ridiculous.’

Usually Asbos are restricted to a small area and last only a few months.


However, the Asbo for Mrs Bailey goes much further, stating: 'You must not use threatening, abusive, aggressive or obscene language or behaviour towards any person, in any public place in England and Wales.'

Mrs Bailey has made her own complaints to police, claiming her neighbours had formed a 'lynch mob' trying to kill her.


Speaking before today’s hearing at Southwark crown court, Mrs Bailey claimed she was the victim of noisy neighbours. She said: 'We had four-and-a-half years of parties going on through the night.'

But neighbour Sharon Banoff, editor of strategic development at BBC Radio, disagreed. She said: 'She made our lives a misery and with the help of the police and council we did manage to get the outcome we wanted. The judge even said to her: ‘I think you truly are the neighbour from hell’.'

Mrs Bailey’s husband, Peter Engen, said: 'Yes, the judge did say that. He even said in his very prejudicial summary of his judgment that he wanted to ban my wife from the globe if he could.'


Mr Engen described the allegations as false and said the couple had run up a legal bill of £100,000.

The appeal hearing continues.

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