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*Ricardo asks Questions to ANYONE Thread* And responds


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In an innovative new twist, one forum member will ask questions for any of us to answer!


Also in an innovative new twist, Emma was just referred to as 'The ELS'.


Hit us with your baffling questions! And don't be afraid to re-use the one's you used in that other thread.

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Hmm. This is taking an odd turn.


I don't hate you one bit. Everyone else does though :surprised:


I jokez :cheesy:


It's not like I care :P But I couldn't think of anything clever to ask :(


I've reduced the amount of cigarettes I smoke, a lot.

I used to smoke +12 a day, now just 2.

Do you think I can make it til I reach 0 cigarettes a day?

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A man is boating on a river against the current at 4 and a quarter knots per hour. He loses his hat and the hat floats down stream. He realizes 45 minutes later that he drops his hat and reverses his direction, this time travelling 7 and 5/8 knots with the current.


How long before he catches up to his hat?

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Haha, not really, I'm Brian, I was a member here a long time ago and was stalking all the time, I forgot my account name though, haha, and I'm out of work for a few months cuz of a broken arm... so... how is everybody?


don't see too many people from 2006... :\

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