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Live DVD available

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Allright guys,


I looked for it on the forums but I haven't found it anywhere else.


There's this Youtube User called WalkingBoyFilms who offers his own footage, with some other youtube users footage, of a 2009 Viva Tour show. Here's the message he sent to all his subscribers.


"The fan made Viva La Vida Live 2009 DVD is finally here!!!

Hi there,


Thanks for subscribing to my channel.


If you werent already aware, since i uploaded my concert footage of Coldplay live in Melbourne, Ive been working hard in my spare time to create a complete concert experience. Its taken longer than expected but the good news is that its finally finished.


What exactly is this "complete concert experience" I hear you say; well Im glad you asked. Basically there are 2 parts to this;


1. Firstly there is the concert footage itself. In a nutshell Ive got all the footage i filmed, and based on the playlist for the night i saw them, Ive edited and mixed it together. I should note that this includes a couple of songs i didnt upload to youtube, they are exclusive to the DVD only!


Ive also mixed in other quality footage by fans from various Coldplay concerts around the world. For most songs its only the odd shot for effect, but in some cases, due to the fact that I didnt film an entire song, the majority of the footage is made up of other fans footage (all fully credited in the video i might add). I spent a lot of time scouring youtube for only the best footage and the result is something that I think is quite unique and special to all the Coldplay fans out there.


Finally I also spent countless hours searching the net for Coldplay footage filmed professionally during their Viva La Vida tour, i found various interesting behind the scenes stuff, and ive edited and mixed them into the concert between songs.


2. The second part of this "experience" is really the DVD itself, having putting blood and sweat into the concert I decided to put it together in a special DVD, Ive created everything from scratch, the menus, the dvd covers, everything. And most exciting (well i think) Ive added in some bonus features! These consist of;


-60 Minutes special report The Mystery of Coldplay (filmed at the beginning of the tour),


-Coldplay live at Sound Relief playing Youre the voice with John Farnham (youll notice Chris singing a verse from this at the end of Yellow in the concert) and Fix You (made famous because Chris runs off into the crowd when the main riff kicks in. This was filmed a matter of days after the concert I went to.)


-4Music Interviews Coldplay (an interesting and fun interview in which the band discuss the album)


-A picture slideshow of professional photos taken from the melbourne gig as well as others on the tour


Are you still with me? Good because the next question I here you ask is Where can I get this fantastic DVD? Again, im glad you asked and obviously this comes to the point of this message, ive uploaded the DVD to a file share network, if you are indeed interested in downloading it then please send me a message and I will send you download instructions. Please note the total download size is 4gb so obviously you need an ok internet service.


Thanks for reading and thanks for watching my videos.


All the best






I personaly downloaded his dvd. Its 4gigs, but the download is easy and pretty fast. All you have to do is to send him a message on YouTube.


Of course it isn't anywhere close to professional material, but since he mixed the audio with many other quality recordings, and with all the bonus material on the DVD, the final product is really good so I strongly recommend it if you are a die-hard fan like me.



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but the download is easy and pretty fast. All you have to do is to send him a message on YouTube.



Really?? I am one of his subcribers so I got it too. He explained me how to download it but I was lazy and it sounded pretty long and complicated so I still don't have it yet.

Here is his message on how to download it :


"Hi there,


Thanks for your interest in the DVD,


Here is the download link


*megaupload link here*

If you have never used a file share network then follow the below instructions



1) Download WinRAR If you dont already have it. You can get it from http://www.win-rar.com/


winrar is needed because the dvd has been zipped into a rar file which has been broken up into 9 parts.


2) Download the download manager called jdownloader. You can get this from http://jdownloader.org/


You dont have to use jdownloader but it does make it a lot easier because its designed for this type of download.


3) Once you have downloaded and installed both winrar and jdownloader you need to open jdownloader


4) Id recommend you also sign up with http://www.megaupload.com. You can sign up for a free account. You dont have to but the waiting time is less for members (free members and non members must wait between downloads, i forget how long the wait is)


4) Now copy this link

*megaupload link here*

3. Go back to jdownloader and go to the linkgrabber tab. jdownloader will automatically grab this link and should list all the segments


4. In jdownloader click the play button (start) and it should start downloading the files. You may be prompted to accept the terms and conditions for megaupload, just click accept


5. Once all 9 parts have downloaded you need to unzip the folder. Open part 1 and click extract, make sure you check the extract path so you know where it will extract to. The file is password protected as well so it will prompt you for the password,


the password is: walkboyfilms09


Thats it you should end up with a folder which contains the dvd image plus the dvd case and dvd disk label.


If you are not familiar with burning dvd images then you need to google for a guide on this.







Have you got the same message? It's not what I call fast and easy lol !

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Hi everybody , ive just signed up and thought id add that i too downloaded this dvd and it really is fantastic, if you havent already got it id highly recommend you do. Some of the videos mixed in arent always great quality but the way its been mixed together is very clever. I particularly liked the Viva La Vida video.


The bonus features are also a nice touch, id never seen the footage of Coldplay playing at sound relief but what a memorable performance, that crowd run Chris does when the main riff kicks in for Fix You is an absolute classic.


Thanks walkingboyfilms, where ever you are :D

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