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Lord Of The Rings


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So I recently re-watched all three movie, and I have been quoting from them left and right ever since. They are more awesome than I remember from seeing them as a 13(ish) year-old. They are EPIC.


So who else loves these movies? And the quotes to go with them?

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I love the trilogy! Probably the most 'poetic' and esthetical movies ever made. I've got the long version DVDs (which are WAY BETTEEER than the theatrical version). I saw the blu ray yesterday on a store and the jackets are awful!! I love mine, they look like old books




Dunno which of the three I prefer... It is tight between 2 towers and The return of the king. But the fellowship is so good too...The elf world...


Peter Jackson is a magician and it's nice to see a realisator so dedicated and respectful of the books and his fans (since he's a fan himself). It's actually one of the very few movies based on a book that I like the adaptation. The cut he made was (to me) justified and well done, and the long version had all the bits I wanted to see and I was missing from the theatrical ones.

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