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Doodz, I need a good file converter for Windows Movie Maker


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For some reason my youtube download thing changed from avi to quicktime, and it won't go to WMM like it used to.

I downloaded like 100 videos already, and I checked all around google and most of them are one by one, leave a watermark or that I have to buy.


I asked Y!A but they just gave me shit with watermarks.


So since I can trust you guys a little more than spambots in Y!A, then maybe you guys can help.


Than yer' :smiley:

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Oh, well I downloaded it.

Well, In select the output container I put AVI, since I want avi.

Which codec do I use for WMM? :thinking:


Or better question, on first options of the box, which ones are best for WMM? :thinking:


It actually is pretty good, Its fast and easy but confusing.

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It doesn't support quicktime.


Are you talking about WLMM? After I got a new camera that records movies in .mov-format, I had to look for an alternative to WMM. And WLMM works for me. I haven't tried .qt-files, but it is supported according to the link. Looks like you need Windows Vista or newer, though.

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