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ANOTHER "accident waiting to happen"!!


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Is this Britain's most accident-prone man? He's had five car crashes, three hit and runs, been struck by a bus and mown down on a crossing



By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 4:27 PM on 23rd April 2010





A design engineer has been branded Britain's unluckiest man on the roads after a series of accidents that have left him scared to walk out of the front door.


John Child, 45, has been in five smashes, three hit and runs, been struck by a bus while cycling and mown down on a zebra crossing.


He has had whiplash, severe bruising all over his body and a torn shoulder ligament as well as more than £4,500 worth of repairs to his cars and bike.



Unlucky John Child, who has been the victims of ten accidents on the roads


Single John, of Milton Keynes, who builds high performance cars, has even had to provide his own forensic reports to clear his name. And to add to his woes, he was made redundant last year.

He says he has always been a careful driver, and cannot understand why he has been involved in so many accidents.


'After everything that's happened to me, I'm lucky to be alive,' he said.


'I have been driving since I was 18 for 28 safe years and I have never caused a collision.

'Even now, I want to take my advanced driving test so if anyone questions my driving I can prove to them it's fine.

'What annoys me is that if anyone had just admitted that they caused the crash and apologised it would have been better for everyone.

'I used to cycle 25 miles in the evening after work to clear my head, but I've given that up now. It's just not safe to cycle on the roads anymore.

'I still can't work out why this keeps happening to me.'



  • His catalogue of disasters began on 24 January 1999 when a woman pulled out and drove into the passenger side of his VW Golf as he drove across a roundabout.


  • On 7 September 2000 he was driving his Black Golf onto a roundabout when a female driver crashed into his left hand side.

He was accused of being drunk, using his phone and driving at 80 mph but after breathalysing John and checking his phone for recent calls, police cleared him.


  • On 18 April 2002 he was on roundabout when he had to perform an emergency stop as an articulated lorry careered in front of him and was hit by another car.


  • The fourth incident occurred when keen cyclist John was cycling past a T-junction on the road to Newport Pagnell and a bus drove out and hit him.

John slid down the road and the wheels of the bus narrowly avoided his legs but he sustained severe whiplash and bruising all over his body.


  • Hapless John continued to cycle, but on 13 January 2005 he was approaching a roundabout on his bike when he was in a hit-and-run by an S-class Mercedes.


  • Just a week later on 20 January 2005 when he was knocked off his bike in another hit-and-run and this time tore a ligament in his shoulder.


  • In September 2006, just weeks before he was due an operation on his shoulder, he was run over on a zebra crossing causing further bruising.


  • Just six months later, he was in another hit-and-run when he was knocked down in a car park by a driver who did not stop.


  • After giving up cycling in 2005, John was driving his Honda Civic on 15 July 2007 when a young man pulled out of a side road as he drove past and slammed into his left side.


  • Finally, on 31 March last year he was involved in another collision in his Civic which is still the subject of an ongoing dispute.

The engineer has cleared his name in nine out of the ten disputes but is still fighting a legal battle from the last incident.

Colour-blind John has been working as an artist painting life size vintage cars since he was made redundant from his job at Jaguar in Warwickshire over a year ago.

But his luck may be changing as he was recently offered his old job back and will return to Jaguar later this year.

John said: 'It's great news getting my job back. I hope this means my luck is turning. I've seen my doctors so many times now after crashes I've told them I'm allergic to cars.'

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