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Just saying, it would prolly be better if you weren't online while you had this talk with him. :uhoh:


I know, I wasn't :P


I bought an iPod touch when I already had a nano too, and my dad didn't want me to get it. With my own money. But I convinced him. Actually I was like $60 short, but it was almost Christmas, so it was kind of an early Christmas present. Even though I paid for most of it. :shifty:


Then my brother's ipod nano was stolen, so I gave mine to him. :thinking:

But I got a new nano recently because my ipod touch doesn't have enough room. My dad didn't want me to buy that either. :dozey:




How'd you convince him? :wacko:




I have a 2gb iPod currently and I'm saving up for an iPod classic. I'm really afraid it will break after not too long and I will have saved all that money for nothing though.


My friend has the classic and she loves it


My iPod shuffle F-ed up, So I'm getting a nano because that's all I can afford now.


Nothing wrong with the Nano. I just got sick of it.


Yeah, some of the comments in Wal-Mart said that the Nano broke in half.

I don't know why making them thinner makes them better.


Mine is really rock solid. I can't see how you would break it in half unless you were trying to.


I have an iPod touch.

I didn't want it originally, but my 80 GB iPod died, his life (yeah, it was a he, Martin) cicle ended.

So my dad insisted on buying a Blackberry for me. I kept saying no, that it was just too much for me and I have a cellphone already. Cheap cellphone, but it's all I need to call and text.

So I insisted I needed an iPod.

He asked: How much music do you have?

Me: 9 GB.

Him: Ok.


Next day, he comes with a nice box, and the 32 GB iPod inside. I said: Ok.. it's an iPod touch. Too much for me but ok.

Then I just fell in love with having internet and other features <3


Lucky! :surprised: That's also why I want the touch, the internet :wacky:


I was thinking if I wanted an iPod touch or the iPhone.

Aside from the not wanting a cellphone thing, it's certainly better.

It takes video and photos, which is cool.


And you can get 16 GB unlike the Touch where its 8 all the way to 32.


The touch used to come in 16GB, but they got rid of it. :sad:


And they're saying Apple is working on adding a camera to the Touch.


I love my iPhone.


I can't imagine having anything else at this point.



Mine is such a piece though. SO scratched up. The lock button also only works about 20 percent of the time.


I'd love to have an iPhone.


I hate how hard it can be to turn off some nanos, especially the old ones.


I'll always shut mine off, but then it'll come back on because I pressed the button too long.

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