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kill bill


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it's been a while since we've had a good old fashioned quentin tarentino movie' date=' but i think i'll still wait for the dvd to come out. :cool:[/quote']


It's nothing like any of his previous films. It got applause as the closing credits rolled. People seemed to like it.

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Yeah ... I was disappointed when i read they were going to distribute it in two parts, though I understood the decision.


I know that I'm never going to be able to hear the name "Buck" in the same light again.


yeah, I understood a bit too... some people probably don't want to sit through that for 3 hours or so....


yeah, that part was crazy.at least they explained how she got a car with that logo on it. lol. :P well, it's not that funny...

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most violent movie I've ever seen, stunts absolutely kicked ass, awesomely written, directed very well. Over-all a must see if you liked his other work.


Its supposed to be filmed like an Anime would be if it were live action. I can honestly say that he pulled it off really well.

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CHAD!!! You're going into the studio this week?? That's awesome! Congrats buddy! You're awesome!! Oh, and i played "Sigh" for my roommate the other night and she's like, WOW! ..good for you mate..


Yeah, i know Andrew's busy but he should make time! LOL!!


I've been here...and there...everywhere, really.. :)

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greatest movie so far this year in my opinion. seen it 3 times already, bought the cd and vinyl soundtrack...everyone must go see it...the animated part kicks ass.

kill bill vol.2 will not arrive fast enough!!!!!!!! :rolleyes: :D

I agree! I wish it was february NOW! :D :rolleyes: :D


I'm listening to the soundtrack now. :cool: love it

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