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How selfish can you get?


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Seven out of 10 Brits admit to being selfish



By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 7:58 AM on 2nd June 2010





Whether it's badmouthing friends to look better or avoiding charity collectors, it seems most of us put ourselves first.

Millions of adults shun work mates to make their own tea in the office, fail to give way to fellow motorists or cook what they want to eat regardless of what their partner would like, research shows.

In fact, seven out of ten people admit they are selfish and, incredibly, one in five will go as far as to say they commit three selfish acts every day.


article-1283179-006895CD00000258-442_468x318.jpg Millions of adults admitted to selfish acts such as failing to give way to fellow motorists (posed by model)


One in six has never even considered giving up their time to do voluntary work, the study found. And their excuse?

They apparently have hectic lifestyles or long working hours - or simply declare 'there's nothing in it for me'.

The study found six out of ten people have bad-mouthed a mate or colleague for their own gains, half have avoided charity collectors and two out of five do not bother contacting relatives.


A third say they are selfish when it comes to choosing an evening meal.




One in six have passed the buck to a colleague after a mistake at work and the same number have pushed into a queue.

Not returning a borrowed item and avoiding rounds in the pub are also common.

Maybe there is hope, however, as three quarters of people recognise they could do more to put other's first.

The survey of 4,000 people was commissioned by Cadet150 to mark National Volunteers Week.

A spokesman for the cadet forces movement, which celebrates its 150th anniversary this year, said: 'By helping others you often end up helping yourself too.

'Volunteers have the chance to try out exciting, adventurous activities, they make new friends, acquire new skills and can even pick up valuable vocational qualifications.'

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This article has so many holes in it that you don't know where to start. 6 out of 10 badmouthed a colleague for their own gains? I have in the past, because my colleagues happened to be shit and it gets to the point where their shitness and disorganisation throws you off your own work. Some people have what's coming to them.


Completely depends on how survey is presented.


"On a daily basis, do you ever try and edge infront of someone else in a disorganised cue for the vending machine? Do you ever give food to a homeless person? Do you shake a bucket of pennies infront of people in the middle of a supermarket to save the pandas?"


The wrong answer to these means you commit three measly selfish acts, there comes a point where selflessness leads to you becoming some kind of fucking doormat. There's nothing wrong with avoiding giving someone a lift from work, if they live 15 mins out of your way, that's an extra half hour it takes to get home, and once you start doing it's not uncommon for people to expect the same treatment everyday. You get no gain from it, you can't exactly look like a cheapskate and pathetically ask for a few quid to cover the cost, and it's not even about the cost.


Now, another way of asking:


"On a daily basis, do you ever hold the door open for someone? Do you ever send someone a text message just to see how they're doing? Are you not a complete fucking satanic fire breathing monster 100% of the time?"


If you answered correctly, then you are totally selfless! Congratulations!


3 selfish acts a day means absolutely nothing, being a total flakey walkover all of the time is pathetic.


Top Acts Of Selfishness: Picking a DVD without thinking about a partner


Die Daily Mail!

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Some of them don't make you selfish at all.


Charity collectors sometimes do my head in. Like today I was late for work and a charity collector stopped me asking me how I was. i said 'I'm fine thanks' and keep walking. He then told me I had dropped something which I clearly hadn't because I was only carrying my gym bag. :dozey:

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