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on a scale of one to ten how riped of did i get?


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i bought a new guitar for 120£ from a second hand guitar shop but only paid 70£ coz i put my old one in for 50£ when i bought it from there origianlly for 80.

Thenb it broke 3 days later, i took it back and he said he would mend it for me. He charged 15£ and all he did was stuf paper in the back of it, along with a hell of a lot of dents and scratches and has ruined my paintwork.

This guy doesnt give out receipts so if u buy something and dont want it a day later he will buy it off you for 10£ less.

Alltogther for a new guitar worth 120- its a real nice guitar 80-50= 30 30+15 = 45£ + bus faire to get there which is 1£ wither way and i went 6 times 51£ extra for a new guitar i didnt particually need or want. The shop is called the music man and its a complete shite hole.

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