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DID Presents: The Battle of the Album – The Decades - 1960s -The Results

Black Rose

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Thanks for the list. I know the top 10 like the back of my hand, most of 11-20, and after that, it gets a little patchy. The good news is that I now have a new list of albums to obtain in a manner other than purchasing.


It's always hard for me to rate Beatles albums. I'm probably not as big of fan of Sgt. Pepper and The White Album as most people. I was happy to see Pet Sounds on the list. It would be a little higher on my list, though.

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Whenever there are lists like this, I feel limited from the standpoint that I've only fully listened to maybe 50 or 60 albums from the 1960s. I only know what I know, which really isn't reflective of everything in the 60s. I only feel comfortable with one decade, and that's the 90s.

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