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How much do you pick your nose


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Kleenex :blank:


When I was little I didn't think I could blow my nose because everybody else made a really loud honking sound when they did it and I couldn't do it and I thought there was a trick to it, so I just picked my nose with a folded-up peice fo Kleenex over my finger. Still do that sometimes if I am having a lot of trouble cleaning it out.

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Lots and not a lot... it's all relative.


Occasionally, but just out of necessity. I have a short/smushed nose and not everything comes out when I blow my nose. Nose picking is a matter of efficiency in my case.


I love it when I'm driving and I look in my rear view mirror and see the person in the car behind me picking their nose. And we're talking feverishly digging for buried treasure. How do they think people in other cars can't see them?!?

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