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Help-I'm in danger of becoming a fangirl


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speaking of apple I think my ipod touch is broken :(


awhh :sad:

what happened to it?


I have a Macbook Pro,I've always prefered their computers because their easier to use but I'm fine on a PC too, I don't want people to think I'm obsessed with having everything Apple


But their computers are so good...but that's just going from experience of messing around with them in shops :laugh4:

I would get one but money is the issue.


Fuck it, if you have the money for these kind of things, go ahead :laugh4:

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i dunno...it won't turn on:(


i tried holding the button down, plugging it into my computer cable, and a charger but nothingworks. I think i'm going to go to the apple store tomorrow.


I think that's the best idea at this point.

We don't have an apple store here.



I've found that almost every person with an iPod Touch has broken it...


Including myself.


I haven't :stunned: You'll jinx me now :uhoh:

The worst that has happened is that Mine got stuck once with an all white screen, i hit it off the lower part of my palm and it worked fine again... but i think that was just a coincident tbh.

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how did yours break?


My little sister spilled milk on it a few weeks ago.


I can still use it, but it touches itself, so I think I must have busted the touch sensors or something. It sucks because whenever I listen to music I have to lock it or it will change the song on its own.

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