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an owl

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Hi. I'm bad at introductions. I've been lurking (started out following the twitter account, signed up so I could actually read the links!) for a while, but I'm bad at posting.


Ah, Coldplay. You know, when Yellow first hit the airwaves I was working at a Staples that put it into heavy rotation - and I mean heavy, to the point where I was hearing it four or five times in a single shift - and I got so sick of that song that I decided to preemptively hate the band. Then my friend got a copy of Viva la Vida, I fell in love with the album, started looking into their back catalogue and giving them a fair second chance, and now they're my favourite band. And to think, I never would have done it if I hadn't been impressed by the fact that they put out a song about the French Revolution. I've even made my own VlV jacket and everything. Since the rest of my musical tastes are really, really heavily INDIE ROCK PETE, my friends make fun of me for liking a band that's been declared "the #1 band in the world" by the popular media, but, eh, haters gonna hate.


So hi, I'm an owl, pleased to meet you.

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