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Steve Burns

Dandy Andy

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its his birthday today

yippee.. or something


has anyone heard songs for dustmites?


and i also love blues clues


i wish i knew where i could buy it, so if anyone's in toronto PLEASE TELL ME! IM GoiNG CRAZY!


anyone else love steve?


oh yeah and he's in the flaming lips' CHristmas on Mars DVD YES! INCOMPETENT PILOTING RULES! AND SO DO THE FLAMING LIPS!

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i cant believe i said rule..

i cant believe youre the only one who knows steve! YOU KNOW STEVE? OMG


i like capslock too can you capslock THIS??? THIS THIS THIS THIS


are you really the hungry hungry hippos champion?

i used to play that but i broke the machine at chuck e. cheese's



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i've never heard any of steve's music, but his website is hysterical, and all the reviews i've read of his stuff are positive, so i'm going to have to check it out. and steven drozd and dave fridmann are involved, so how can it possibly be bad?


are you really 15? because if so, you're pretty much the coolest 15 year old ever to live (no offense to anybody else here on this board :P ) because you're into all kinds of great stuff i probably would never have even heard of when i was 15. (when i was 15 i don't even think blue's clues existed)

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i couldnt buy it because I CANT FIND IT AND ITS DRIVING ME INSANE!! but my friend promised to order it online for me when christmas comes WOOT


you KNOW WHATS COOL?!?! i think in the mighty little man video drozd played drums for steve!


HEY TOM PEED yeah i actually just turned 15 eh..

thats why i think YOUR SO FRICKIN COOL and notice i only say TOM PEED IS SO FRICKEN COOL because it makes me laugh inside


WAIT yeah and so thats why i think you're cool because you practically like the same music that i do that none of my friends do or ever heard of so i feel so left out

theres probably no one in my whole school who likes radiohead either and theyre pretty mainstream!

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