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I'm bored a lot of the time, but I feel like if something interesting happens in my life, I should write about it! :D I want to hopefully add pictures too! :D

So you can read it or not, but I would also love to read about events in your life in blog form! :smug:


Little Fish and Bumpy Boats

July 19, 2010


So last Saturday was my older sister's birthday. And the plan was to go on my dad's boat which I was not looking forward to. This is because whenever anyone tries to go on this lovely boat, my dad never thinks it's ready. But besides that problem, me and my mom have to make some delicious food to go along with the ride, then carry it out to the car and drive for an hour or so to get to the lake. But after all these preperations my dad gets mad about something I don't know and now my sister doesn't want to go on the boat. Yay! Then her husband comes and fixes the problem, so now the boat trip is back on. :dozey:


So me and my mom waste all the energy we have on this early Saturday morning and drive up to the lake. Neither of us were looking forward to the adventures about to come. Anyway, we get there, unload the stuff, but then my mom drives back to park the car leaving me with the boat. So I strapped my way-to-snug lifevest on and my dad drives away to let other boats get in the water. And me, I'm having the funnest time of my life riding around in circles while I'm burning in the sun. Regardless of what I wanted, I had to wipe the frown of my face and smile as my mom, sister, niece, brother-in-law, and two of my sister's friends boarded the vessel.


As we drove deeper into the lake, I realized that is not all bad. The pine trees surrounding the lake were incredible. I mean it was like miles of pine trees! So as we rode more and more, my niece was close to losing the Cheez-It's that she just consumed as we rode over many bumps in the water.


Then we finally put the boat to a halt, and set anchor by a shady marsh looking area. This place was probably the best looking place around. It had a huge oak tree providing shade for my family and friends, a marsh full of little fish, and a little beach area that faded into the clear lake.


So the first thing we did was going swimming as my brother-in-law went to jump off a tree into the water. I decided not to go on that journey and to just float in the water. But after about 20 minutes, I found a dead baby fish in the water and got out as quick as I could.


After we were all done soaking in the lake water, my dad started the grill attached to the boat and we waited for food. In this time, I decided I wanted to catch the fish in the water with a bucket. This was important because I hate fishing but I decided that going in the water and scooping them out wouldn't be to bad, so I did it. And I went all Bear Grylls on everyone! Once the food was done, I stopped fishing, dried off, and went to eat. The total number of fish I caught was 11, and I thought that was pretty good for a noob like myself. :D


After everyone was done, we rode back while I was watching the sunset over my favorite pine trees. It turned out that the lake wasn't that bad after all.

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