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Hi :D

A Famous Old Painter

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Hi, I'm from England and I'm a huge Coldplay fan! My fav album is probably VLVODAAHF, because I love the hispanic theme to it, but X&Y matches it musically. For me, Parachutes seems a bit samey, although there are some great songs, like Yellow and Shiver. AROBTTH is a really good album too, I love The Scientist and Clocks!


I'm hoping that LP5 will be called Famous Old Painters and have a similar theme to that of VLV. I imagine the cover to look a bit like the Strawberry Swing single cover, nice and basic, but with a unique Coldplay touch :D I hope the music is stripped down and acoustic as they say it will be, should make a nice change and it will reflect the simplistic theme I think it should have, but with subtle hints of VLV-ey elements running through it :)

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Hi AFOP! Welcome to the board.


I see we have similar "reviews" of their albums and on what concerns the new one, I just hope we can again listen to something really different from what they've made til now like they did with VLV. It worked! :)


Let me say I love your username

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