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Hello, hello :)


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I guess i should probably say hello all :)


I'm a Coldplay fan from Melbourne, Australia. I had always enjoyed Coldplay's singles, but it wasn't until recently I became completely obsessed. :P


I like all the era equally, but they change from day-to-day. Sometimes I am in an X&Y mood, but the next morning I'll be listening to VLV.


Barely a day goes past without me listening, the songs are just brilliant and blow my mind.


Favorites include:

Strawberry Swing

The Scientist

Glass Of Water


Don't Panic


but as I said before, all are pretty much fantastic :P


I use this "obsession" to often pass time, and when I feel down or stressed out, listening to their music, or searching for new details of new music, or trying to find a song I don't have, or making some artwork for a song without art, will help me immensely.


So, yeah, that's pretty much my story :P I look forward to spending more time with you all :D

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