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For and Against

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For: Everything


Against: Waiting 3 years for the next album (except ROBTTH which was released 2 years later) Even THAT was long.




this is the only problem i've ever had with them and it's not even like, me being angry. i just get to that two, two and a half year mark where i'm in Coldplay withdraw and like, begging for something :laugh3::lol:

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For: At least two more albums from the band, better lyrics, Chris Martin's hairdo at the beginning of the LP5 tour in Germany


Against: Cheesy synth-pop, a surplus of songs centered around "the kids" and growing up (reminds me of the suburbs too much, ugh), collaborations of any sort with anyone, and an entirely acoustic album (I wouldn't mind an EP, but an album is just too much, it diminishes the value of Parachutes)

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Am I the only one who thinks that the viva clothing were pretty cool? :blank:

And that he looked pretty hawt :wacko:

There are at least two of us.





Clothing what a stupid Idea, how'z about Coldplay do naked tour :wacko:
The clothes they wear now are pretty lousy, but Viva clothes fitted perfectly with album and its theme.

For - Have not quit despite crude jokes about their sexuality (by their own fans).

Against - Have not collaborated with Elbow

Why would that be a reason to quit? And I don't think any real fans made fun of them in this manner.


Fangirls, please don't get mad at me for writing this. This just my opinion, and I respect anyone else's so I hope you can respect mine.






I LOVE Coldplay.....'s old stuff.


The new stuff is just different, too different, not a good different either.


Different should be good. Not this.



For one, i know what Chris was able to write in the past and I know the kind've music they used to be able to make. Beautiful music. Perfect music. Music they really meant and music you could feel the passion and energy in.


The new stuff. I feel no energy. I feel no passion. I feel four guys who are getting incredibly lazy with the music making business. The new songs are just smothered in pre recorded noise and drum machines (maybe to cover up the awful lyrics), and when they aren't, the melodies sound exactly the same as some of the old ones.


And those lyrics.






I just, I hope the album is COMPLETELY different from what they've been releasing because if it isn't, I am so fucked. :cry:

Ok, it's an opinion, but lyrics really cannot be called awful. There are some fantastic lines in each song just like in any previous album.


Them damn rapers.


I believe you meant rappers - yeah,that's something almost everyone agrees on, including me.

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