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Downloading and viruses


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you obviously didnt get a real mac then. the only thing that has ever crashed on my mac is MSN, which is a windows product. i dont think twice before downloading anything or clicking a link. as long you keep snow leopard up to date (which might mean sacrificing about 500MB of your download limit, if you have one, each month) you should be pretty safe from viruses. best of all of you dont constantly have things popping up all over the screen whenever you try to download something or go to a so-called "unsafe" website.


of course there are a number of downsides to having a mac. you can forget about being able to play most computer games and the amount of software available for it is quite limited compared to windows (but there are ways of getting around it) but those things dont bother me. it's really a matter of whats important to you rather than a clear superiority of either OS.

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Well, do you know a general list of dodgy sites you shouldn't download from?

Also what file sizes to expect for file formats?


I actually depend on how I feel about the site. If it seems safe, then I would. :\


What do you mean by the second one? I estimate the size of a file I want to download though.

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