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Chris Martin singing with Nirvana

Warning Sign

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hm.. i`ll listen to it and see if i like it then :D but there are so many cd`s i want right now.. and i have no money :rolleyes: have anyone of you heard of Madrugada?? it`s a norwegian band. they are great :D

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OMG! I love Nirvana they are my favorite band they changed my life. Too bad Kurt had to take his own life music just hasn't been the same without him. When Nirvana came along they were revolutionary they brought that type of music to the mainstream knocking Michael Jackson off the No. 1 spot. They totally changed music and I love their album In Utero so much more than Nevermind. Coldplay is sort of the band that I root for because Nirvana is gone but I still listen to their music. Kurt Cobain was a God. He was also the most beautiful man ever.

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