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it not always work, some tags are :confused: there, but is the first i thought, and gives an idea of what it is, or how people clasify that genre.


anyways i mean for what i've seen in many shops at least here, generally world music is ethnic music, or music that in some way is exotic, that shops instead of clasifying them properly they put them all on the big title of world music, others is just fusion bands, others are more like singer-songwriters but not that much known abroad, so you can find a very big variety of sounds there.


as for instance, when i tried to get Cheb Khaled's cds (which plays a genre called Rai) i had to check in World Music section, as some Flamenco music that is known abroad is also under that title (that happened in Portugal when i went to their FNAC shop i found in that section music by Niña Pastori, Estrella Morente, Gypsy Kings, Paco de Lucía, and so on).


So, what kind of sound you'd like to hear on the World Music genre?, you can find a lot there, imo, from reggae to celtic i would say, another way to see it is by continents aswell.


two examples of what you can find there:


I believe Manu Chao is clasified as World Music most of the time aswell, and he mostly plays Reggae or Fusion style which even includes Blues.


Enya is sometimes clasified as World Music aswell, when she is from the new age music period and plays mostly ambient, choral songs, which other label her under the tag celtic.


You could try the 3 i mentioned as to see how varied it is. :) and so follow the 'style' you prefer.


I hope someone can contribute here better than i tried to.

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