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I don't like the new people here


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Sorry I don't.


i remember making an entry about the new people on the board. Did you read it sarah? haha i think it was before christmas though, and since then there have been tons more new people :o
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i'd hate it if this board turned into the other one. the whole reason for me being here was because i didnt like the official one.


anyways...it's not that many new people here sarah. i mean yeah there are a lot new registered people, but only a few are posting everyday. i see about 5 or 6 new people who seem like they're gonna stay and be dedicated.


and again anyways...haha

who cares about the other board. coldplay should be dissapointed in them to be acting the way some of them do.

and now that they know about coldplaying 8) they should look at ours and the good example we make ourselves into :D

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OK, I don't wanna piss anybody off here, but unfortunately I don't like posting here that much anymore. It seems as if the whole board has been invaded. There are so many members now and all the intimacy has kinda disappeared. I'm sorry - that's just my opinion. So I'm with Sarah on that. It's just too anonymous for me... :?

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Okay...I'm probably the last person that should toss in her opinion...but I will anyway.


This whole "I don't like newbies" is utter garbage...I'm sorry I don't mean to be blunt, but it is. I'm sorry it's not the small community that it was before...however Coldplay is starting to get more airplay and more popular. Therefore more people are going to check out the message boards. I wasn't really into them until I heard "In My Place" and fell in love. So I decided to check out the "Official" board...they seemed pretty cool in there so I joined. I noticed that on that board there was a lot of coldplay haters joining up just to say junk about the band, which I find childish and stupid. Anyway it got to the point that when I started posting I was relatively ignored, because they had this newbie phobia. Everyday there was a new thread by someone who had been on the board since it started complaining about how there are so many new people and how horrible it is, and blah blah blah.

I have also been on other forums where newbies are welcomed with open arms and are almost immediately a part of the community.


I guess I just don't understand the whole hating of the newbie thing...I guess it sounds lame, but I love meeting new people, hearing thier experiences. This will sound even lamer, but I love it when a newbie comes along and will say something like "I just heard [insert video, song, whatever here] for the first time and it is sooooo amazing." It may be old news to me, however, I can remember feeling those same initial feelings way back "in the day."


Think of it this way....we all have one thing in common...a love for Coldplay...let's build on that.

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