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Gazza arrested for drugs possession one day after being warned he could go to jail!


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Paul Gascoigne arrested one day after being warned he faces prison


Paul Gascoigne has been arrested on suspicion of possession of drugs one day after being warned he could face prison for drink-driving.




By Laura Roberts

Published: 10:25AM BST 22 Oct 2010



gascoigne_1744595c.jpg Paul Gascoigne has been arrested for possession of drugs one day after being warned he could face prison for drink-driving Photo: PA



The former England footballer spent last night in custody on suspicion of possessing a class A substance after a raid at a house in North Tyneside.


A Northumbria Police spokesman confirmed that a 43 year-old man had been arrested on possession charges along with another man who was arrested on suspicion of supplying drugs.




The spokesman added: "Both men are still in custody and enquiries are ongoing."

Gascoigne has battled alcoholism for several years and earlier this year attended rehab to fight his addiction.

The 43 year old was told by magistrates in Newcastle on Wednesday that he could face up to three months in jail, in addition to a driving ban, after being caught driving while four times over the alcohol limit.

The footballer has another drink-driving hearing pending on November 3, a charge which he denies.

In a bizarre incident in July this year Gascoigne tried to persuade police to let him talk to Raoul Moat, the man who went on a rampage and killed his girlfriend's lover and blinded a policeman, when they were trying to catch the gunman at Rothbury in Northumberland.

In recent years he has suffered from mental health problems. In 2008 he was sectioned twice after a series of bizarre incidents.

In February that year he was held under the Mental Health Act after police were called to the Hilton Hotel, in Gateshead, in response to an incident earlier at the Malmaison Hotel, in Newcastle, where staff said he was making them and their guests feel ‘threatened’.

He was admitted to the Priory clinic.

Later that year he was sectioned again after police were called to the four-star Millennium Hotel in Knightsbridge, amid concerns for his welfare.

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