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Can I just say....


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THAT THIS THREAD IS NOT ABOUT GUY! ;) But rather things that are your mind at this very second.... Musings, rants, pet peeved etc! At the moment of this threads creation, my musing was Guy's hair.


Can I also just say, some people are always looking to take a piss and literalize everything we do... Can I just say.... Lighten. Up! :p


Now, back to my musing:



I want Guy's big hair back. :cry:



I mean come on!!! Just look!!!!!!






I miss him... :(

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he has ugly teeth, that's why :uhoh:. For me he's cool but not goodlooking. He looks better in person than he does in pictures anyway


Yeah, his teefs need some work. I thought he was ugly back in the day when Coldplay first came out, but I think he gets cuter as he ages. He's very charming, so that's why I find him attractive.

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