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What do you think of the British/Commonwealth monarchy?

Technicolor Sparks

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Guest howyousawtheworld

I don't have any interest in tradition etc in looking at the monarchy but politically I think the monarchy is just crucial for the UK. It acts as a vital barrier of protection from any potential collapse in democracy. The ultimate power still lies with the Queen on who can form a democracy and it is her duty to ensure that democracy remains in the UK. We saw a mild glimpse of the protection that the monarchy offers when for a few days in May this year.

We don't and never will live in the totalitarian regimes of the bygone ages so to think an abuse of power or a move towards depotism would be impossible. It's so easy to say 'what use do they serve' but just a bit of research into the politics of it all will make it clearer. In a potential crisis of democracy, only the King or Queen could prevent such undemocratic, threatening foces from ever holding power at Westminster. That is just vital.

Also it is a well known fact that the Monarchy brings in more money to the UK than us as taxpayers pay in to it. Plus the Royal Estates pays £150m a month into the Treasury here in the UK.


As for the Royal Family personally? What a dysfunctional bunch they are!


But overall the monarchy for the UK at least is crucial.


edit: And yes - the Royal family does have German connections. Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany was grandson of Queen Victoria.

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