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Scary Movie 3


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The Zuckers should have made the first two, because this one was actually funny and didnt have all that teen humor that the first two had (and used it to death). The Wayans Brothers are funny, but they screwed up with the first two scary movies. Their best is still "Dont Be a Menace (yadda yadda)..."


I laughed a lot, I say they did a great job on it.

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:lol: I saw it tonight!! :lol: The funniest part was when Cindy was telling the little boy about how when him mother was in labour and she was screaming kill me now then afterwards she said-then she gave you yo me because my cat had died the day before :lol: and the video!!! :lol: :lol:

oh and the wake part :lol:

I'm so gonna see this again!!! :P

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Guest LiquidSky

Haven't seen it yet, but I bet is hella funny!!!!!! :D :D :D




*thinking scenes of the 2nd one..* :lol: :lol: :lol:

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